Dress Code
We are a G-rated, family friendly, facility
Anyone Entering is Required to Comply With Our Dress Code

***All Shirts Must Cover The Shoulder***

                                                                NO  Spaghetti Strap Tops
                                                               NO  See-Through or Net Shirts
                                                               NO  Halter Tops
                                                               NO  Crop Tops
                                                               NO   Low Cut Tank Tops/Beater Shirts
                                                              NO  Racerback Shirts
                                                              NO   Bare Midriffs
                                                              NO  Sagging Pants
                                                             NO   Hats
                                                             NO  Torn or Ripped Clothing

If you come to the door with clothes that do not adhere
to the dress code you will not be permitted to enter.