Custom Skates

There is nothing quite like owning your own pair of skates.
 Many skaters that purchase quality skates have them for years and even decades.
 A quality skate is comfortable and can be adjusted to fit your foot and level of ability.

We have been involved in the Skating Industry for over 50 years, and have experience in
building and fitting skates for all of the following Roller Skating Sports as well as the casual skater.
(speed skating, hockey, dance skating, and derby)
We Build Custom Skates for many of our Skaters.  
      You get to choose your boot, plate,                                                                                        
       bearings, wheels, toestops, and laces.  We work with you to build you a skate that fits
                        your needs and budget.  The following are some images of custom builds we have created.  

             Boots with painted on images are done by a local, independent artist.  
If this interests you we can put you in touch with the artist.